Event PX how to get file name when file removed from attachment table using updatetableinfo event

Hi all,

I want to write a java px to get information of file name when file removed from attachment table.
This event will fire as IUpdateTableEventInfo.

But I am unable to get file information, I dont find any cell or properties by which my purpose get resolved.

my code looks like :

public EventActionResult doAction(IAgileSession session, INode actionNode,
IEventInfo eventinfo) {

String PxString=””;
IUpdateTableEventInfo objectEventInfo = (IUpdateTableEventInfo) eventinfo;

Iterator Seit=DTbl.iterator();
IEventDirtyRowUpdate Updaterow = null;
PxString = PxString + ” Row update event “;

PxString = PxString +” In WhileLOOP”;

Updaterow = (IEventDirtyRowUpdate)Seit.next();


PxString = PxString +” Action delete Captured”;

PxString = PxString +” get ref “+ Updaterow.getReferent().getName(); //return file folder name
PxString = PxString +” get getObjectVersion “+ Updaterow.getReferent().getObjectVersion();//return object version
PxString = PxString +” get ref cell file name “+ Updaterow.getReferent().getCell(1046);//return null
PxString = PxString +” get ref desc “+ Updaterow.getReferent().getCell(1045);//return null
IEventDirtyCell mycell[]= Updaterow.getCells();

for(IEventDirtyCell tempcell : mycell)
PxString = PxString+ ” Avl value “+ tempcell.getValue();
}//return null or nothing

PxString = PxString +” af cell value”;
Integer myatt[]= Updaterow.getAttributeIds();
for(Integer mm : myatt)
PxString = PxString+”att = ” + Updaterow.getCell(mm);

}//return null or nothing
catch(Exception exp)
return new EventActionResult(eventinfo, new ActionResult(ActionResult.STRING,”PX return “+PxString+”Exception is = “+exp.getStackTrace()));

I tried getcells and getattributeids also but they return null so my code didnt get into for loop.

Can anybody know how i get the file name/description/type from attachment table when user click on remove button.

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2 Answer(s)

Yes, It is pre event.

Agile User Answered on May 23, 2019.
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Is this setup as a pre event? A post event won’t have dirty rows as the data will already be committed.

Agile Angel Answered on April 12, 2019.
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