Error code : 60018 – Invalid Parameter

I was working on adding new Resource Pool to the team tab of Task.

here is the snippet i’m using to add/update the team tab :
Map<Integer, Object> map = new HashMap<Integer, Object>();

IAgileList rolesList = tabTeam.getAvailableValues(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_ROLES);

rolesList.setSelection(new Object[] {“PPM Task Owner”});

map.put(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_NAME, resourcePool);
map.put(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_ROLES, rolesList);
map.put(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_ALLOCATION, 100);

IRow row = (IRow)team.add(map, false);


IAgileList rolesList= teamTable.getAvailableValues(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_ROLES);

Map values = new HashMap();

rolesList.setSelection(new Object[]{“PPM Task Owner”});
values.put(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_NAME, resourcePool);
values.put(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_ALLOCATION, 100);
values.put(ProgramConstants.ATT_TEAM_ROLES, rolesList);
IRow row = teamTable.createRow(values);


None of the above piece of code is working for me when deployed on server as it shows below error :

Error code : 60018
Error message : Invalid parameter.

at com.agile.api.pc.Session.createError(
at com.agile.api.pc.APIObject.createError(
at com.agile.api.pc.CascadeList.setSelection(

But when i run the same code locally(Standalone), it works absolutely fine.

Could someone please help me on this ?

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Setting the list value to a text string and casting as an object is not the same as setting to an actual role object. That would be what i would verify: role object vs string.

Agile Angel Answered on January 25, 2018.

Thanks Steve.  That helped me out.

on April 20, 2018.
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As mentioned by Steve, the Invalid Parameter error could be related to the set of a Role.
Try to set the list with an array of IRole objects instead of Strings

INode nodeRoles = (INode)m_session.getAdminInstance().getNode(NodeConstants.NODE_ROLES);
IRole role1 = (IRole)nodeRoles.getChildNode(“PPM Task Owner”);

Agile Angel Answered on January 26, 2018.
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