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I would like to know why the Sourcing Project Page3 attribute  “Disallow AML Statuses” is seen automatically while creating a Sourcing Project from an item’s Action Menu and not seen  when creating from “Create New” unless it is made a required field?
Is it because Agile is built that way for the attribute to appear from Actions menu.

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You are inquiring about a custom object so I am going to give you some insight based on some assumptions.

First page3 is specific to the subclass ‘Sourcing Project’

When creating from the ‘Create New’ menu the system is using out-of-box processes and in those processes are create required fields.  

When you use a PX, such as the one you are seeing in the ‘Actions Menu’, the PX is custom and it bypasses the out-of-box functionality based on the code.

Agile Angel Answered on July 12, 2016.
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Hi Patrick,

It is not a PX using which Sourcing Project is created from Actions Menu. And iam sorry it is not Page3 attribute but is a General Info attribute of Sourcing Project.
If we open any item’s Action menu, we have a create new option and under which we can see Changes, Declarations, Prices Sourcing Projects.
It is here that the Disallow AML Statuses is seen by default.

Agile User Answered on July 12, 2016.
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Ah, you are creating a related activity from the source item… gotcha.  Yes, so I imagine you see the required fields on everything you are creating from that menu EXCEPT the ‘Price Sourcing Projects’… which come from the pricing module.  I am at a loss here.  My recommendation is to contact Oracle for clarification on what you should be experiencing.

Agile Angel Answered on July 12, 2016.
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