Default Notification once MCO is all approved

In Agile 9.3.6, there is a default Notification defined with the name = ‘Manufacturer Orders – All Change Approvers Have Approved’.  Once all the approvers on an MCO have approved, the Notification is sent as an email to the Component Engineer (the CHANGE.OWNER is a user on the Cover Page of the MCO).  But we would like this same Notification to also be emailed to another specific user.  There is a ‘To:’ field on the definition of the Notification, but we are not allowed to edit that.  Probably because it is delivered with the Agile software, non-editable.  So, is there a way we can define an Event to send this same email to another user?

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The ‘To’ field is picked up from the event such as the change workflow status as you pointed out in relation to the MCO.  In the MCO workflow you can control who get notified when…. look in the workflow criteria widget.  Also note that Agile will only send to emails associated to accounts.  There are ways to get around this though with alias emails and PXs.

Agile Angel Answered on January 17, 2019.
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just explaining the Patrick’s suggestion a little bit further, in the workflow step criteria there’s a filed called “Notify upon entry”, there you can add user groups or users and every time a change reaches that step all the users will be notified. Please refer to the attached file for details.

RE: Default Notification once MCO is all approved

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Agile Angel Answered on January 17, 2019.
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Thanks for the suggestions, but Agile does something behind the scenes that you cannot see in the workflow or the criteria.  Let’s assume there are 3 approvers.  The first guy approves the MCO at 3pm.  The second guy approves at 4pm.  And the last guy approves at 5pm.  At 5pm, Agile notices all the approvals are done and sends an email to the Analyst/Component Engineer who is defined on the Cover Page of the MCO.  Only one user can be defined there.  This logic cannot be seen or edited in the workflow.  It is part of Agile’s functionality.  The Notification defined in Agile is a ‘Default Notification’.  It is part of the Agile installation.  I can edit the message body, but not the email recipients.  How do I add another recipient?   I understand how I can edit the Notify upon Entry or Exit in the workflow/criterias, but in this scenario we are not entering or exiting a workflow status.

Agile Talent Answered on January 17, 2019.
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  For “Default notification”,  the edit capabilities are limited. Here is a snippet from the admin guide


Default notifications can be modified but only in a limited way; for this reason they are sometimes referred to as notification templates

  So, for your requirement, you have to develop a custom notification event to track the last approval and notify the additional user



Agile Expert Answered on January 18, 2019.
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