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How to configure Dashboard PX ..can someone help me….i created the Dahsboard pX from PX node-> Initiate from :URL

But i cat see in my dashboard tab

please help me

Agile User Asked on January 30, 2020 in Product Collaboration.
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Dashboard DX is like a PX. It is Java code that implements either ICustomTable or ICustomChart. It looks like you might be trying to call a URL from your Dashboard. Have you followed these instructions from the documentation?

4.3.5 Defining Custom (URL) Extensions

A Dashboard PX of the type URL is configured to initiate from Dashboard Management. When defining Custom extensions, simply select Custom as the table type. See “To Add a URL to a Tab:” below. No other mapping is required for Dashboard PX’s of type URL.


URL Process Extensions are defined in the Process Extensions Library to initiate from Dashboard Management.

To Add a URL to a Tab:

  1. Define a new tab, for example, Dashboard Extensions as shown above.
  2. In the new tab (Dashboard Extensions), click the Tables icon. The Dashboard Management – Dashboard Extensions page appears.
  3. In this page, click the New Dashboard Table icon to open the Create Dashboard Table dialog and define the new table.
  4. Select Custom from View List Type drop-down list. The Create Dashboard Table dialog displaying fields listed in the following appears.
  5. Complete the Create Dashboard Table dialog fields and then click OK.
Dashboard Table Description Possible Settings
Name Type a name for the URL String
Description Type a description String
View List Type Lists types of table. Select Custom Chart, Table, Custom, Advance Search
Dashboard Extension Lists all process extensions created for Custom type list. Employee Portal, Yahoo, Google, Process Extension_URLs
Visible To enable in Web Client Yes/No


Agile Angel Answered on January 31, 2020.
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