Creating Privilege with criteria $APPROVER Equal To $USER

Dear Angels,

I need to create a criteria on any Change:

I know that it could be used only for certain privileges like Modify as indicated in the documentation:
<<A criteria such as “$USER Equal to $APPROVER” can be used with certain privileges>>

But it is not clear about the reason and about if there are any other privileges that support it.
For example, the Checkin privilege or the Add Approver don’t support it (see attachments). Is there any workaround to create a Criteria like this one that can be used in those particular privileges?

Many thanks in advance


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What a pain. I wonder if there is a real reason why those variables cannot be used? In any case, you can $CHECKOUTUSER = $USER for your checkin privilege.Then I would ask if you really need to restrict the add of an approver to the existing approvers or can it be more open?
Agile Angel Answered on January 3, 2018.

I tried to figured it out looking the existing bugs in OTN but all of them have no resolution…I am curious about the reason why…
I need to create some privileges (add further approvers, checkin an attachment, etc) to be assigned only to the selected approvers (in addition to the existing ones assigned to other figures like the change analyst) in order to restrict only to the changes where they are involved and not to all of them.
It could works with an additional sharing of a role to the user (manually or automatically by event px) but I hoped that there is a simpler way to do that like it works for the Modify or change status privilege…

Thanks for your quick response Steve

on January 3, 2018.
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try using $usergroup and map the usergroup in the workflows for any change.
All the users belong to the usergroup.

Agile Angel Answered on January 4, 2018.
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Thank You Paritosh
There isn’t any constant $USERGROUP in the criteria selection. Anyway the problem is on the $APPROVER constant and not on the $USER. Using a particular user instead of $USER it doesn’t work as well

Agile Angel Answered on January 4, 2018.
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