Create Objects of user-defined subclass – not working

Hi All,

I followed the documentations and tried to create a “change” that belongs to a user defined sub-class, but it is not working. Do you have any idea why?

IAdmin admin = iAgileSession.getAdminInstance();

IAgileClass iAgileClass = admin.getAgileClass("User define agile class");

Integer classId = (Integer) iAgileClass.getId();
IChange change = (IChange) iAgileSession.createObject(classId, changeNumber);


I throws an exception but I can’t see the exact error yet, it’s another issue, probably some maven dependency missing. If I try to create an MCO or ECO it is working well (with IDs as well)

IChange change = (IChange) iAgileSession.createObject(ChangeConstants.CLASS_MCO, changeNumber); Creating Objects of User-Defined Subclasses

User-defined subclasses are classes created specifically for your Agile PLM system. Consequently, the Agile API doesn’t provide predefined class ID constants for them. To specify a user-defined subclass for the objectType parameter of createObject(), pass an Integer corresponding to the class ID. To get the class ID for a user-defined class, use the IAgileClass.getId() method.   Thanks, Feri

Agile User Asked on September 3, 2020 in Software Development Kit (API).
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Do you have any “Required” fields set up for the User-Defined subclass?  As in fields that need to be entered on the “Create New” screen of the web-client?  If so, you would need to pass a map of parameters with each required field value (instead of “changeNumber”in the createObject())  to get the object created

Agile User Answered on September 8, 2020.

Thank you! I’ll check it/try it

on September 9, 2020.
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