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Does anyone know where Agile stores the value regarding the max number of concurrent users that can be logged in at a time?  I’ve searched various DB tables but can’t find anything specific.  

I suspect there’s a value hidden somewhere on the database that triggers Error 625, the “Max number of concurrent user licenses has been reached. Please contact your System Administrator” or Error 53, the “You may only open {0} concurrent sessions to an Agile PLM at any one time. You will need to end one of your sessions before you can start any others.”

Other than an Oracle sales rep, is there any way to know what our max Concurrent Users limit is?  

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Hi Matt,

Required information can be seen in Java Client (under licenses).


Agile Talent Answered on April 22, 2018.
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Sure, that tells me the number of currently assigned concurrent users (as well as named and restricted).  My question has to do with the maximum possible that can logged in and where to find it.  Where can I find the cap before Agile starts denying concurrent users from logging in?
Thanks though.

Agile Angel Answered on April 23, 2018.
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