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I need to perform a batch update of a Page Two attribute for multiple folders in our Agile PLM system. I want to attempt to perform this update in the database. How do I find the Page Two attribute for a specific folder?

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!
Ron G.

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Hi Ron,

Please find detail navigation below. Depending upon the class for which you want to see the attributes and get its relaterd table name and column name please follow the steps below.

Go to Java Client for your instance
>>Admin Tab
>> Classes
>>Go to the class for which you want to see attributes (e.g. File Folders >> File folders)
>> Go to User Interface Tabs
>> select the tab for which you want to see the attributes (e.g. Page Two)
>> Go to tab Attributes:Page Two
>> You can see the name of attribute same as what we have on web client (i.e. Agile front end)
>> Select the row for which attribute you want to see the table and got to Attribute column . Here you will see Table Name.Column Name where this attribute actually stored to


Agile Angel Answered on June 7, 2019.
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