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  • A couple of things to check:

    • Is your local execution connecting to the same Agile server as your PX on the server?
    • Are you sure the server copy that is being run is the same version. On Linux machines the old jar can be cached and you would then need to restart weblogic to reread the jar.
    • Make sure you do not put the AgileAPI.jar into the extensions folder on the server.
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  • Agile Angel Asked on December 5, 2018 in Other APIs.

    Leaving the roles field blank will run the PX with the user’s privileges. The only reason to give a PX privileges is if a user who triggers it might not have sufficient privileges. I suppose another reason would be to apply filtering based on a restricted role. If you give the PX privileges then I always include My User Profile in case the px does anything that requires profile look up like a file operation–preferred IFS. You can give the PX more privileges than necessary so I usually have a PX role with god/dess prvileges. It will only do what the code does.

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  • Agile Angel Asked on December 5, 2018 in Product Collaboration.

    From any object in Agile you can send via the Action menu Send selection. You can also test sending an email be directly connecting to the smtp gateway via telnet and sending a message the way Agile would using email commands. This is more cryptic but tests the smtp gateway and removes Agile from the equation. See attached pdf for how to run telnet and send email commands.

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  • Agile Angel Asked on November 28, 2018 in IT and Networking.

    No Powershell calls to Agile. The SDK is Java based. You would have to build a java program.

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  • BOM Variants is an interesting solution but keep in mind the integration to your ERP also needs to be able to handle it. I am guessing you must be handling alternates in your ERP system now. How?

    The simplest way I have seen is adding the alternate on the BOM with the same line/find no and 0 quantity. SAP is not going to like that, but they have their way of handling alternates.

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  • It is not sufficient that the parent and child where released on the same day. They have to be on the same change. Or the child has to be released before the parent (check time stamp).

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  • Agile is designed around configuration management with revisions. Like Patrick says, it is not effectivity driven. There is a BOM report based on effectivity but it will be burdensome to leave the everyday screens in Agile and keep going to that report.

    As for DHF, I have seen two approaches. One is a tree of documents. Similar to a Parts BOM only with the documents that make up the DHR. One of the branches would be the DMR. The other approach is using the PPM module to capture the DHF. Again, one of the tasks would have the DMR as its content.

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  • Agile Angel Asked on October 1, 2018 in Product Portfolio Management.

    The triggering is at the level of update table. Your PX then should check the dirty fields to see if any of them are your column. If not, then exit the PX. Unfortunately, this means if your PX does an update in that table, like setting the revision, then the PX is triggered again. You also might want to filter on whether the trigger event is an Add, Modify or Delete.

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  • Agile Angel Asked on September 18, 2018 in Product Collaboration.

    When you are really serious about cycle times it seems out-of-box just does not cut it. There are scenarios that throw off the statistics like routings that span a reporting cycle and how you want to treat rejections. I have run into issues with the SDK being able to search the workflow table.When it comes to custom cycle-time calculations it seems like direct database reads is the way to go and then process the data the way you see fit. But be aware, it will take some work to account for all the different scenarios: rejections, repeated rejections, leap-frogging steps and the like.

    Oracle does not publish a database schema. There are some out there from people who have had to figure this stuff out. Perhaps offering up some chocolate chip cookies will attract attention.

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  • Agile Angel Asked on September 11, 2018 in Product Collaboration.

    Disabling the list value just means it cannot be chosen from the list. All existing data is left intact. If you delete the value in the list that will clear out that value where ever it is used.

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