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  • Regarding 3 and 4, we are working on 2 patches that will fix the behavior you describe. Please file a SR and ask for HF to enable Move Schedule (will also allow Templates to have multiple calendars and dependencies to be created between tasks with different calendars). If wanted, please also ask for HF to enable editing the calendar of parent activities. The second issue is mostly cosmetic since dates are rolled up, but we do understand that most customers will want to see the Activity in a similar calendar to its children.

    For #1, rescheduling can be triggered by several different methods, but does require the App Server to be running. The database upgrade cannot recalculate schedules because that logic is in the App Server, which means the database upgrade utility (AUT) cannot change the dates.

    For #2, per all our documentation, the Task calendar controls the schedule. Customers can have Activity Owners and Team Resources with any number of different preferred calendars. In many customers, the Activity Owner, or Project Manager, is not actually the resource working on a Task. The project manager and resource may be in different regions. We chose to enable the most flexibility by allowing the Project Manager to choose the Task Calendar independently from any user Preferred Calendar.

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  • Agile Expert Asked on March 7, 2015 in No Category.

    What error do the users see? Is your environment a single-node env or clustered?

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  • you need to check and review configurations associated with objects.

    Please check thoroughly the Criteria of non routable objects like parts and documents and its associated, privilege masks that are mapped with roles.

    Basically, all the roles impact will give insight of impact user having those roles

    or role mapped to usergroups associated with the impacted users

    Also, review for other users who are not restricted.

    This will give impact of change to meet you objective.

    Change that need to make in configuration are by adding additional conditions by specifying needed life cycle phases other than obsolete in the criteria associated with privilege mask of read and discover privileges in existing roles for the users who do not need access

    For those users who need access create separate criteria and map privilege and roles with separate user groups..

    This will ensure, your access control of data is in place for all users.

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  • This step-by-step instruction it’s for users who encountered problem with Agile after Java version 8 upgrade.

    The error due to security restrictions of new Java client version on each client computer.

    Error screenshot –

    So let start with the instruction how avoid / fix this kind of issue –

    1. Please close all open browsers on the computer – IE, Chrome, FireFox.

    2. Click on the Start button ->  ‘Control Panel’  -> and you will find Java icon click to open

    3. Java Control Panel will open -> go to Security Tab
                   now first thing we should do it’s to change ‘Security Level’ from Very High to High

    4. On same Tab click on ‘Edit site list…’ button -> click on Add…
    and write down the following site Address ->
    (you will have to click add for each site address)
    http://Agile Domain/

              * when click Add –  security warning will pop-up ignore it and click on Continue

    5. After finish adding the site list click OK and Ok, and you done.
    now you can open your browser and working normally.

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  • Agile’s dashboard functionality is also extremely helpful for people who find themselves searching for the same set of data repeatedly. Dashboards are easily configured and are another great time saver.

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  • if you use the simple search (or wild search) this will give you all type to data which matched to your criteria, but if you want some specific type of data then use advanced search. One more important point that we have to keep in mind it data categorization.
    if we categorize the data correctly then it will be very easy for a person to search the relevant information without wasting the time.

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  • Agile PLM is very beautiful software as far as retrieving information is concerned.
    There are two searches available from GUI, 1. simple search and 2. advanced search
    You can configure the output as you desire (selecting the information you want in output)
    The output you can export into excel for further analysis if you want to
    Please refer some help document for using Advance search although it is very simple you can learn yourself within no time

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  • Agile provides robust security framework for accessing information. Accessing the information in Agile is provided using roles,privileges, criteria. Agile provided OOTB roles, privileges and criteria for rapid implementation. If they do not match. it provides capability to create new set of privileges, criteria and roles. OOTB roles are assign directly to users. the assigning of roles to users is many to one mapping. many to one mapping indicate the hierarchical nature of User function in PLM. However, Best practice is to leverage usergroup to map the roles and assign the users to usergroup. this helps organization to define clear information model in hierarchical format. End state of information model in hierarchy can be identified either Pyramid way or Inverted Pyramid. This way information access and management can easily maintained.

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  • Agile Expert Asked on March 4, 2015 in IT and Networking.

    9.3.3 has a bug fix for cross domain security setup in weblogic console. If you still want to do this with current version, you must enable global trust between two weblogic domains (Agile Weblogic

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