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Agile Version 9.3.5, 9.3.3 , 9.3.4,9.3.2
  • Hi Srinivasa,

    Yup A-verify should able to resolve it. I remember encountering similar issue for Advanced search in 9.3.5 and i worked with Oracle to get included in RUP-2. So if A-Verify doesn’t fix it, Oracle SR to get it included in RUP is the way to go. 


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  • Agile Angel Asked on March 25, 2019 in Product Collaboration.

    Yes, agree with you faced multiple issues after applying RUP-7. 

    Just to summarize for all : 

    1. It updates your applications.ear and AgileAPI ,jar file. So all the Web-Apps/Utilities where you have explicitly used the Jar, you need to update those. 
    2. Generally some of the timeout setting changes that we do in different xml files or component JARs inside application.ear file needs to be re-set. 
    3. Double check your file manager configuration and core config files.

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  • Agile Angel Asked on March 25, 2019 in Product Collaboration.

    Hi Gomez,

    Just adding to what Kevin said, you can use the below query to load a Change with affected Items and expand it if you need to add additional details. 

    /* ***** Change Affected Item Query *********/
    item.description AS “Description”,
    rev.old_revnumber AS “Old_Rev”,
    rev.rev_number AS “New_Rev”,
    oldlifecycle.description AS “Old_Lifecycle”,
    newlifecycle.description AS “New_Lifecycle_Phase”,
    NEW_TIME (rev.obsolete_date, ‘gmt’, ‘PDT’) AS “Obsolete_Date”,
    NEW_TIME (rev.effective_date, ‘gmt’, ‘PDT’) AS “Effective_Date”
    FROM agile.rev rev,
    agile.item item,
    agile.change change,
    agile.nodetable oldlifecycle,
    agile.nodetable newlifecycle
    WHERE rev.item =
    AND rev.change =
    AND rev.old_release_type =
    AND rev.release_type =
    AND change.change_number = ‘ENTERYOURCHANGENUMBERHERE’
    ORDER BY item.item_number


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  • Agile Angel Asked on February 28, 2019 in Other APIs.

    All of sudden faced same exception today while executing the Web-App which was in use for last year or so.

    In order to resolve this, restarted the Apache tomcat services and killed the stale ids and things came back to normal.

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  • Disable Agile User If Not Found In LDAP options are generally kept as FALSE. We have kept it like that as it might cause undue issues otherwise.

    Things that we take care of while inactivating the user is :

    1. He should be replaced from Escalation Designee of users in case he is.
    2. Should be replaced/Remove in user group.

    Generally we intimate and then inactivate people who aren’t active for a period of 1-2 years. 

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  • Hi Nagma,

    The sample code for your situation will be like :

    public EventActionResult doAction(IAgileSession m_session, INode m_node, IeventInfo m_context) {
            ActionResult result= new ActionResult(ActionResult.String, “Hello World!!!”);   //This is where you build your string
           return new EventActionResult(m_context, result);  //This is what throws the message.
    catch (Throwable error) {
        ActionResult error= new ActionResult(ActionResult.Exception, error);
        return new EventActionResult(m_context , error);


    I advise you to go through Developing extensions guide for detailed information.


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  • Agile Angel Asked on January 30, 2019 in Other APIs.

    Hi Kulbhushan,

    The “Part” is pretty generic API name that is used for creation however that shouldn’t stop you from creating a part.  Also the fact that you are able to create part it means there is some issue with the Map object you have.

    I used similar kind of syntax and it worked pretty fine for me:

    //m_admin.getAgileClass(partType[i]).getAPIName() fetches the API name for a particular subclass.
    //newAutoN : Is the AutoNumber source for my particular part type

    IDataObject m_item = (IDataObject)m_session.createObject(m_admin.getAgileClass(partType[i]).getAPIName(), newAutoN);

    Can you share the structure of Map you have and the attributes which you are trying to set. Also as a troubleshoot you can try to Create part fast and then set values just to isolate the issue.


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  • Agree with Kevin here, OOTB Import doesn’t support appending values and writing a Macro by concatenating existing values with expected values will do the work. 

    Also, you can develop simple SDK based utility to read the excel file and append the values to Agile Object. Which you can reuse in future as well. Let me know if you need any help with that.

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  • You are implying that existing PXs are configured without loggers or SOPs or you need additional logging apart from log4j. If the later to be true then i suggest going to
    Administration >> Logging Configuration and see if you can use additional logging option.  Note, these settings gives you logs based on the Jars on Core-APIs not sure how much they will help you on custom PX.

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  • Hi Sai,

    What kind of PX you are writing.  You can use log4j to generate logs as per your wish. Sharing a quick snippet from my code.  You can place it before your  ActionResult method and test.

    public static Logger logger = null;

    static {
    try {

    InputStream ins = YourJavaClassName.class .getResourceAsStream(“/properties/Log4j_MyPX.xml”);

                new DOMConfigurator().doConfigure(ins, LogManager.getLoggerRepository());
              logger = Logger.getLogger(YourJavaClassName.class);


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