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GrabCAD Community Question MasterTo celebrate our 6 million member milestone, we want to feature some of our most engaging and passionate members. For our final edition, we are recognizing Adam Snow.

Adam has been a member since February 2013:

“When I joined GrabCAD in 2013, I was terrible at rendering models,” Adam explains. “But seeing the amazing images other members created of models pushed me to figure out how to make my own renderings. Now, I try to upload one or two renderings a week for models in the library.”

And Adam sure has! Over the years, Adam has uploaded over a hundred models, eight tutorials, and generated over thirteen-thousand likes. But that’s not why we’re celebrating Adam. We’re recognizing Adam for having answered the most Questions in the Community

Let’s meet the man behind the Answers:

  • Experience: Program Analyst (III), but most of his time is spent creating or repairing assemblies and drawings in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Passion: Trying to learn Z-Brush and Cinema 4D, woodworking, rendering 3D models, staring at things under a microscope, and tutoring students pursuing their GED.
  • Interests outside of 3D printing: Reading & bicycling

Favorite model uploaded to the Community: Kvall Horse Stirrup

Horse Stirrup

My favorite part of the job was coming up with ways to capture the shape of the original, since I did not have access to a 3D scanner or photogrammetry at the time. Instead, a few photos and a lot of hand measurements were used.

Horse Strirrup

What do you love most about the Community?

There is such a diverse collection of skills on the site. It is often surprising to post a challenge to say the CAD Puzzles and RiddlesGroup thinking I’ve come up with ‘the best’ answer. But in a short period of time, someone comes up with another solution I had not even considered.


Adam, AKA FredSWUG, got his GrabCAD Community name from one of his favorite programs, SOLIDWORKS.

“FredSWUG stands for the Fredericksburg (Virginia) SOLIDWORKS User Group,” Adam explains. “I got started with 3D modeling in 1999. My first professional project made in 3D CAD (SOLIDWORKS 98+) is this Genetic research Rack. Since then, I’ve created thousands of CAD models, and taught SOLIDWORKS to hundreds of designers, and engineers.”

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see what other designers and engineers are working on. I get a lot of inspiration from their models, and enjoy seeing the output from other CAD and modeling programs. Seeing their work pushes me to learn additional skills to keep up.

Thank you Adam and all of our Community members for helping us reach 6 million members. Don’t forget to download the 3D Printing Industry Secrets eBook we created just for the occasion! And don’t miss our GrabCAD offices saying Thank You.

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