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Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE Platform delivers world class project planning in its Project Manager (DPM) role. The Project Manager role delivers Planning for Experts meaning that an experienced project manager creates a project plan and distributes the tasks to passive task assignees that will execute the plan.

R2019x introduces a new role, Project Planner (XPP) that enables Planning for All. With Planning for All it becomes easy for any stakeholder to collaboratively define a plan, create and assign simple tasks to peers and to group tasks without having waterfall project context. Thanks to an innovative scheduler, planning is simplified and automated. Tasks can have user defined min/max durations and milestone constraints and the scheduler will plan and continuously optimize the plan for you.

The same logic is applied when multiple plans are connected. The overall plan is optimized to meet all the constraints.

At a high level the benefits are significant. More activities are planned and traceable, executives have better insights of company activity and the users benefit from a simple and assisted user experience that allows more focus on innovation.

Project Planner functionality is provided in the 3DEXPERIENCE 3DDashboard as an application widget. Leveraging HTML5 technology, updates to a project plan are dynamically reflected to all users currently viewing the project without having to perform a screen refresh.

This new functionality may not satisfy all project planning needs, but its simplified use and Planning for All approach is likely to appeal to most companies needing project planning capabilities.

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